DeAutoLED - LED Headlight Bulbs
DeAutoLED - LED Headlight Bulbs
DeAutoLED - LED Headlight Bulbs
DeAutoLED - LED Headlight Bulbs
DeAutoLED - LED Headlight Bulbs
DeAutoLED - LED Headlight Bulbs

DeAutoLED - LED Headlight Bulbs

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The DeAuto LED Kit is among the brightest product available on the market, while being fully CANBUS compatible. They rank highest in independent lab tests in reflector style headlights, shooting light over 4 times further than halogen, while maintaining a pure white color!

Bright: These will shine past your headlights and provide more light on the sides which helps while you are driving on darker roads, cornering, bad weather or daily driving in general as more light = safer and more enjoyable ride.

Key Features: No blinding glare. Clean cut-off beam. Emits 360 degrees mimicking halogen filament technology for the best beam angle superior for reflector housings. No radio interference. No warm up time, instant on. Clean pure white color, no blue tone which can be distracting while driving. For yellow lamin-x users, no green tone, only a pure yellow.

CANBUS: 100% Error Free on most CANBUS system vehicles. We still recommend adding decoders as some models are very particular and may still throw an error or flicker without them.

Check here to see if your vehicle requires a decoder module

These work great in Headlight applications as well as as Fog lights! They are recommended for use in reflector applications for best performance. They are not recommended for use in projector applications.

APPLICATION NOTICE: For front facing vehicle lighting upgrades, LED bulbs are not legal in the USA for Headlight use (not compliant with DOT/FMVSS108). They are legal for off-road use in ATV, snowmobile, and racing applications for specialty vehicles only. International legality varies by country. Please check with your local authorities prior to purchase and use.

Color: 5500k
LED Chips: Philips Lumileds Z ES
Driver: External, Removable
Clocking/adjustment: Yes, 90 degrees, removable collar

Included: 2X Headlight/Foglight Bulbs, 2 External Drivers, 3M Tape
H7 Note: Please advise of your vehicle year, make, and model as we can assist in including or finding the proper adapter necessary to install
Warranty: Lifetime

*Please note, the DeAuto brand only ships within the USA.

Sizes available: H4, H7, H8, H10, H11, H13, 9005, 9006, 5202, 9145

- European Vehicles may need H7 base adapters. BE SURE TO include your vehicle make/model during checkout to receive the correct adapters
- Decoder module may be required to avoid flicker and/or errors on some vehicles
BRI Source cannot accept returns based on the wrong size ordered! See Terms & Conditions for more details.