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Diode Dynamics SL1 - LED Forward Bulbs
Diode Dynamics SL1 - LED Forward Bulbs
Diode Dynamics SL1 - LED Forward Bulbs
Diode Dynamics SL1 - LED Forward Bulbs
Diode Dynamics SL1 - LED Forward Bulbs

Diode Dynamics SL1 - LED Forward Bulbs

Diode Dynamics
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The most recommended LED kits, designed, engineered, and made in the USA.

The SL1 LED bulb finally provides a true upgrade in performance, with its compact size, optically correct output, and high reliability. The Lumileds chips shine in a true white 5700K color temperature, without any hint of blue, for an OEM-style appearance.

Focused Output. Don't be fooled by high lumen numbers or "projector specific" bulbs. If the light source is out of focus, it doesn't matter how bright it is. You won't have a focused hotspot of light to shine down the road, you'll just have more glare. To correct this, SL1 LED headlight bulbs were engineered with advanced optical design software, to perfectly match filament location of the original bulb.

The SL1 LED is designed to shine light just like the original bulb, which improves the capability to preserve the focus and hotspot of the lamp, with no added glare. 

Reliability. The SL1 LED is a durable, reliable bulb, and is backed by a three year warranty. From the high-temperature teflon wire, to the zinc castings, every part of the the SL1 was designed for reliability. The driver uses a unique boost-mode circuit, which prevents thermal imbalance in the LEDs, and has transient protection for long life in automotive circuits.

Check here to see if your vehicle requires a decoder module

APPLICATION NOTICE: For front facing vehicle lighting upgrades, LED bulbs are not legal in the USA for Headlight use (not compliant with DOT/FMVSS108). They are legal for off-road use in ATV, snowmobile, and racing applications for specialty vehicles only. International legality varies by country. Please check with your local authorities prior to purchase and use.

Lumens: 1630 per bulb
Color: 5700k
LED Chips: Philips Lumileds Z ES
Driver: External, Non-Removable
Dimmability: Fully dimmable on standard DRLs (non-PWM)

Included: 2X LED Bulbs with Drivers
Warranty: 3 Years

Sizes available: H8, H9, H10, H11, 9005, 9006, 9012

Looking for Help? Look no further.

- Non-Rotatable, fixed position
- Additional anti-flicker/canbus module may be required on some vehicles to avoid flicker or bulb error messages
Philips offers a great guide to validate fitment for your vehicle:
BRI Source cannot accept returns based on the wrong size ordered! See Terms & Conditions for more details.

* Results may vary in your application.

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