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Lumibright XT1 Gen2 - LED Forward Bulbs
Lumibright XT1 Gen2 - LED Forward Bulbs
Lumibright XT1 Gen2 - LED Forward Bulbs
Lumibright XT1 Gen2 - LED Forward Bulbs
Lumibright XT1 Gen2 - LED Forward Bulbs

Lumibright XT1 Gen2 - LED Forward Bulbs

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Lumibright XT1 Gen2 LED


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The latest in LED technology, Lumibright brings you the XT1 Gen2s!
They are nearly 3X brighter (lumens) & throw light over 3X further (lux) than an original halogen bulb, the Gen2s feature one of the brightest diodes on the market today!

Beam Pattern & Light Spread: With so many LED products out there, it's hard to find the 'best' one, well look no further! Lumibright strives for developing not only the brightest, but the best focused beam, putting the light down where it belongs. This is accomplished by a number of factors, including a special base design, and the latest available diodes by Lumileds. We are the first on the market to offer this unique chip, and will continue to strive to stay on top of the competition. Be sure to clock the bulbs 9 and 3 for best results.

Quality: "You get what you pay for". Well in this case, you get a lot more than you pay for. The fit and finish of the LEDs are made from the highest quality components, featuring a pure copper inner and quiet precision fan to keep heat low, and the lumens high without the common high noise or reverberation from the on-board ultra quiet fan.

CANBUS Ready: CANBUS used to only appear on European vehicles in the past, but we are seeing a lot more cars and trucks these days with these systems, and for a good reason; they tell you if one of your bulbs are out. Moving over to LED poses a problem as the amperage is much lower vs. the original halogen bulb, but the XT1's combat this with a sophisticated driver system essentially tricking the computer system in the vehicle into thinking everything's okay, so you shouldn't see any bulb out errors on your dash.

Check here to see if your vehicle requires a decoder module

APPLICATION NOTICE: For front facing vehicle lighting upgrades, LED bulbs are not legal in the USA for Headlight use (not compliant with DOT/FMVSS108). They are legal for off-road use in ATV, snowmobile, and racing applications for specialty vehicles only. International legality varies by country. Please check with your local authorities prior to purchase and use.

Color: 5700k (white) or 3000k (yellow)
Lumens: 4500lm per bulb (stable)
LED Chips: 6 Premium diodes per bulb
Driver: External, Non-Removable
Clockable design for easy installation (certain sizes, see below)
Wattage: 45w/bulb
Voltage: DC5V-24V
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
Standard Bulb Dimensions: 38mm x 77mm (width x height)

*Please note, the Lumibright brand only ships within the USA.

Included: 2X Headlight/Fog light Bulbs with drivers (decoders optional)
Warranty: 2 Years

Full 360°: H7, H1, H3, D1S/D2S/D3S/D4S 
110° Stop: H11, 9005, 9006 
NON-Clockable:  9012, P13W, 5202/H16(EU)/PS24(JP), PSX24W/2504, PSX26W, H4, H13/9008, 9004/HB1, 9007/HB5

Looking for Help? Look no further.

- European Vehicles may need H7 base adapters
- Anti-flicker module may be required to avoid flicker on some vehicles

†Based on independent laboratory tests from (main beam reflector style headlight), used with permission.


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