Vehicles that require HID CANBUS or LED Decoders

Below is a list of Vehicles that typically require the CANBUS (for HID kits) or Decoder option (for LED kits).


HID Canbus version kits and LED decoder add-ons are designed to prevent warning signals/errors from appearing on the vehicle's dashboard after replacing the incandescent/halogen bulbs.
They can also prevent flickering due to the CANBUS or Decoder module, which is essentially a capacitor (type of power supply) which takes the uneven power from the vehicle and helps to create a more linear signal going into the new components. This also helps to prolong the life of the product, much like a surge protector or battery backup does for a home computer.

Reversed Polarity

Some vehicles have reversed polarity, meaning it will be required to re-pin or re-wire by flipping the wires either on the HID or LED system or the vehicle's system. If the bulbs do not power on, try this first.

Double-Check First

This is a general list, and your vehicle's electrical system may vary. Please check by removing the original bulb in question, start the vehicle, wait at least 30 seconds, and check to see if there is an error on the dashboard. Some vehicles even require driving for a few minutes (please do this safely during the daytime and not on public roads).

Relay Harness for HID

When installing HID, it is always best to select a relay harness regardless to prevent limitations from the stock wiring, and add a CANBUS style ballast/kit depending on the model (see below).

DRL (Daytime Running Lights)

For vehicles that utilize a DRL, it is recommended to utilize a higher wattage LED with a broader range, as well as a decoder add-on.

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Acura ILX 2013+ High
TL 2004+ High
ZDX 2009+ High
Audi A1 2010+ All
A2 2001+ All
A3/S3/RS3 2003+ All
A4/S4/RS4 2002+ All
A5/S5/RS5 2007+ All
A6/S6/RS6 2004+ All
A7/S7/RS7 2010+ All
A8/S8 2003+ All
A4 Allroad 2006+ All
TT/TTS/TTRS 2006+ All
Q3 2011+ All
Q5/SQ5 2007+ All
Q7/SQ7 2005+ All
Q8/SQ8/RSQ8 2018+ All
R8/R8 Spyder 2007+ All
BMW 1 Series 2011+ All
2 Series/M2 2014+ All
3 Series 1992-1999 Low
1999+ All
M4 2014+ All
5 Series/M5 1996+ All
6 Series 2005+ All
7 Series 2002+ All
8 Series/M8 2018+ All
Z4 2009+ All
X1 2009+ All
X3 2011+ All
X5 2007+ All
X6 2008+ All
Motorcycles 2009+ All
Cadillac BLS 2006+ All
CTS 2008+ All
Escalade/Escalade ESV 2011+ All
SRX4 2011+ All
CT4 2019+ All
CT5 2019+ All
CT6/CT6-V 2016+ All
Chevrolet Captiva 2007+ Low
Colorado 2012+ Low
Camaro 2009+ Low
Cruze 2010+ Low
Malibu 2012+ Low
Silverado 1998+ Low
Suburban 2007+ Low
Tahoe 2008+ Low
Volt 2010+ Low
Chrysler 300C 2004+ All
Crossfire 2004+ All
PT Cruiser 2001+ Low
Dodge Avenger 2007+ All
Caliber 2006+ All
Caravan 2001+ All
Charger 2006+ All
Dart 2013+ All
Durango 2004+ All
Magnum 2005+ All
Nitro 2007+ All
Ram 1999+ All
Fiat 500 2012+ All
124 Spider 2017+ All
Ford C-Max/Grand C-Max 2010+ Low
Edge 2009+ All
Escape 2004+ Low
Explorer 2006+ All
F-150/F-250/F-350 2009+ All
Fusion 2006+ All
Honda Accord 2014+ Low
Civic 2011+ Low
CR-V 2012+ Low
Pilot 2009+ Low
Hyundai Elantra (GT) 2000+ Low
Sonata (GT) 2006+ Low
Jeep Cherokee 2008+ All
Grand Cherokee 2011+ All
Wrangler 2007+ All
Wrenegade 2014+ All
Kia Cadenza 2010+ All
Forte 2009+ All
Niro 2017+ All
Optima 2016+ All
K900 2012+ All
Rio 2011+ All
Sorento (EX-L, SX, SLX) 2010+ All
Soul 2009+ All
Sportage 2010+ All
Stinger 2018+ All
Telluride 2019+ All
Mercedes Benz A-Class 2004 All
B-Class 2006+ All
C-Class 2000+ All
CLA 2013+ All
CLS 2004+ All
E-Class 2003+ All
G-Class 2002+ All
GLA 2014+ All
GLB 2019+ All
GLC 2016+ All
GLE 2019+ All
GLS 2007+ All
S-Class 2006+ All
SL 2001+ All
SLC 2004+ All
V-Class/Vito 2007+ All
AMG GT/GT4 2015+ All
X-Class 2017+ All
Mini Cooper (all trims) 2001+ All
Nissan Note 2012+ Low
Rouge 2014+ All
Murano 2010+ Low
Versa 2006+ Low
Subaru Impreza 2007+ Low/High
Forester 2002+ High
Toyota 4Runner 2009+ Low
Corolla 2003+ Low
Matrix 2003+ Low
Tacoma 2005+ Low
Tundra 2007+ Low
Volvo C30 2008+ Low
S40/V50 2004+ Low
S60/V70 2001+ Low
S80 2006+ Low
S90/V90 2016+ Low
XC40 2017+ Low
XC60 2017+ Low
XC90 2003+ Low
VW Arteon 2017+ All
Atlas 2018+ All
Beetle 2011+ All
Golf/GTI/R 2006+ All
Jetta 2005+ All
Passat 2005+ All
Polo 2008+ All
Tiguan 2007+ All
Touareg 2002+ All
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