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Philips White Vision Gen2 - HID/Xenon Replacement Bulbs (pair)
Philips White Vision Gen2 - HID/Xenon Replacement Bulbs (pair)
Philips White Vision Gen2 - HID/Xenon Replacement Bulbs (pair)

Philips White Vision Gen2 - HID/Xenon Replacement Bulbs (pair)

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OEM Quality with a new look: Stand out look! If you're in the market for the best quality 5000K HID bulbs on the market, it's hard to look past the newest option on the market from Philips, their White Vision Gen 2's!

Guaranteed Genuine: BRI Source is proud to offer these bulbs in their original retail packaging from Philips. We pride ourselves on being one of the last few distributors shipping genuine Philips & Osram lamps in the US. It is estimated that 80% of these bulbs sold through outlets such as eBay or Amazon are fakes.
Validate your product through the Philips Authenticity Program

Crisp: The WHV2's will offer you a perfectly white light output with just a light tinge of exotic looking blue hue to it- but without being too stark - giving users the perfect contrast between style and excellent visibility while driving at night. If budget isn't a major concern, you will not be disappointed.

NOTE: Product may ship from the UK

COLOR: 5000K / Neutral White
INTENSITY (Estimated): 3000lm
RATED LIFESPAN: 2500hrs (D1S), 2000hrs (D2S), 2500hrs (D3S)
WATTAGE: 35W and 55W

BULBS Model #s: D1S: 66144/66140, D2S: 66040/66240
BASE (TECHNICAL): PK32D-2 (D1S), P32D (D2S), PK32D-5 (D3S)

Included: 2X Genuine HID Bulbs
Warranty: 1 Year Replacement

  • OSRAM PART #: 66144 / 66142 / 66140 / 66146 / 66145 / 66147 (D1S), 66040 / 66240 (D2S), 66340 / 66340HBI (D3S)
    PHILIPS PART #: 85402 / 85407 / 85410 / 85415 (D1S), 85122 / 85122+ / 85122C1 / 85122WX (D2S), 42302, 42302XV, 9285335244 (D3S)
    AUDI PART #: N10445701 (D1S), N 104 457 01 / N10445701 (D2S), 0903110500 (D3S)
    BMW PART #: 63217162862 / 63217160807 (D1S), 63217160806 (D2S)
    TOYOTA/LEXUS PART #: 909812002 (D2S)
    MERCEDES PART #: 91013900000 / N 000000 004248 (D1S), 910139000001 (D2S)
    FORD PART #: 7L7Z13N021A / 7L7Z-13N021-A (D3S)

  • Philips offers a great guide to validate fitment for your vehicle:
    BRI Source cannot accept returns based on the wrong size ordered! Philips products are non-returnable if opened. See Terms & Conditions for more details.
    Please allow approximately 20 hours for HID bulbs to reach their true color.

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