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GTR Lighting Ultra Series - HID Ballasts
GTR Lighting Ultra Series - HID Ballasts
GTR Lighting Ultra Series - HID Ballasts
GTR Lighting Ultra Series - HID Ballasts
GTR Lighting Ultra Series - HID Ballasts
GTR Lighting Ultra Series - HID Ballasts

GTR Lighting Ultra Series - HID Ballasts

GTR Lighting
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2X GTR.BL030
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The best HID from GTR Lighting!

These are 5th Generation HID ballasts: designed specifically to integrate with the complex computer systems found in modern vehicles.

PWM Integration: PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation, it's when the vehicle flashes the input voltage to your bulbs so fast that you can't see the difference, but it modulates the activity of the halogen bulb. That's fine on an old style halogen/incandescent, but on HID systems it might make a flashing or strobing effect, or not work at all. The proprietary technology used in the GTR Lighting Slim Smart System HID ballast integrates with all PWM and CANBUS vehicles for optimal functionality.

CANBUS Integration: The key component of all HID ballasts is the controller used to manage all functions including ignition, protection, and constant use. Whatever type of controller is used is what dictates the quality level of the ballast. There are two kinds of controllers used inside HID ballasts:1. CPU Controller -or- 2. ASIC Controller

A standard CPU controller: is the most common construction type for aftermarket ballasts because it is simple, common and cheap to produce. It requires very little quality control or strict design to function, therefore it's easy for ballast makers to create low quality CPU controlled products. It isn't very hard and it is very cheap to build. They work OK when made with high quality components but this is not often the case. A CPU controller lacks the ability to monitor the HID lamp (as the lamp power-decay changes over time) so it can cause short lifespan from overpowering, or low light output from under-powering. Generally speaking the defect rate of a CPU Controller based ballast is high, and the lifespan is shorter.

Super Fast Start-Up Ballast: Are you sick of a slow ballast warm-up time? The GTR Lighting Slim PWM ballast has an instant startup like new OEM ballasts of only 0.1s with full brightness reached at 9s.

Slim Design: This ballast is barely larger than a stack of credit cards. 3.5" long, 2.75" wide and a half-inch tall! Mounting is easy with the supplied bracket with tape and ground strap.


Please note: This is for two ballasts.

Power Input Voltage: 9-16V DC
Output Wattage: 35W/55W
Input Current: 4.4A @ Startup @ 14V DC
Ignition Voltage: 23KV
Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C
Lifespan: 2,500 Hours
Ballast Dimensions: 3.5in x 2.75in x 0.5in
Cord Length: 13in
Wiring Input: Universal Female Socket (9006 Bulb Style/ P22D base)
Wiring Output: Universal AMP style, 1 male, 1 female

Included: Choice of 1 or 2; 35W or 55W Ballasts (with connected igniter)
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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