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Morimoto XB 2.0 - LED Bulbs
Morimoto XB 2.0 - LED Bulbs
Morimoto XB 2.0 - LED Bulbs

Morimoto XB 2.0 - LED Bulbs

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XB 2.0 LED: So What's new with Version Two? Now using their "Hybrid LED" system that was made famous by the XSB 2.0 halos and strips, the new XB LED's are A) super reliable, B) have an excellent 5500K white or Golden Amber color, and C) much better consistency due to the updated phosphor coating they're putting on them now. We dig it!

Featured: In the October 2015 issue of DSport Magazine alongside LED offerings from Philips and Osram. Morimoto is the benchmark in aftermarket automotive lighting!

Modern Touch: The XB LED bulbs produce plenty of light to improve illumination while adding a modern touch to your vehicle's lighting. They illuminate perfectly evenly, not spotty like the surface mounted chips found on other bulbs.

Construction: The bulb is constructed with a white fiberglass PCB sandwiched between two very unique white-faced Hybrid LED panels. The positive/ground contacts are perforated and dipped in gold copper to improve contact across both sides of the base.

Everywhere: From interior lighting to city and marker lights, the XB 2.0 LED fitment is easily one of the most common sizes used in the automotive industry. Chances are, there's a place for these bulbs on your car, especially now that they're available in both white and amber!

Can-bus: The XB LED bulbs are CANBUS friendly and should not hyper flash or cause any "lamp out" errors in MOST applications. If however your vehicle requires more resistance, we recommend using the Morimoto HD Load Resistors.

RATED COLOR: 5500K White (or Amber)
RATED LUMENS (raw, per bulb): 200lm (T10/194), 175lm+ (Festoons)

Included: 2X Morimoto XB LEDs (or 1X Festoon)
Warranty: 2 Years

Philips offers a great guide to validate fitment for your vehicle:
BRI Source cannot accept returns based on the wrong size ordered! See Terms & Conditions for more details.
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